Susan Hattie Steinsapir

I remembered meeting Susan face-to-face at Anne Bourget's house. She wasn't at all what I had pictured, but that was ok. I remembered Anne's dog, Sam, going absolutely BONKERS when Susan got there. Susan told me it was because Sam thought she was part of his pack. She was definitely of the opinion that SHE was the dominant one. Yes, she described herself as the dominant bitch, apparently in perfect seriousness!

I met Andreas at the same time. I remember them sitting on the porch by the grill, talking with Anne and Ray Bruman. Susan was pleased with me for not being upset by the "Bambi" sausages. I liked the goat cheese torte, to my surprise. I always meant to get the recipe for those hot-spiced pickles she brought along...

I remember how psyched I was the first time she sent me a private comment on something I'd posted. I'd said something flip (big surprise, huh?) and she had a flip answer to it for me. It was signed "yours, Susan", which I later learned went on everything. I don't recall what I replied to the text of her note, just that it was silly. I do recall commenting "Mine? I'll have to get a bigger place..." under her sign-off.

I remember sharing snide comments with her about several threads.

I had web access for a couple of days in November and I looked at the web page.

These are some of the things I thought about today.

I hope to be at the wake on Saturday and I hope to see some of you there.

Val :-(

(Valerie Stark)

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