Susan Hattie Steinsapir

Subject: :-(

Words can not express the sadness. Heck, I only knew her on the net, yet following this crisis has made a mark on me. And I guess it seems a bit sadder because we exchanged some special holiday messages right before her final crisis. I looked forward to a lot more of her wit and insight.

If it is this sad for me, I can not begin to fathom the sadness for people who knew her, like you, and especially like her family ... and most of all Andreas.

The condolences of thousands of net friends seem to get lost in the crowd. We've connected a bit admist this crisis and its tributaries as well ... please if/when you get a chance to express your own condolences, at least think of mine as well so that they can be added to the spiritual pool. I am very sorry indeed.

Her courage was immense, as was Andreas' ... and this courage will continue to be an inspiration. I told her I felt that way many months ago; I meant it then and I mean it now.

Like I said yesterday ... damn!

Sorry to get so weepy on you ... thomas

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