Susan Hattie Steinsapir

Mary Laframboise (bj245@FreeNet.Carleton.CA) wrote:

: I just came online and read the news about Susan, a woman I didn't even 
: know, but came to read about here.  I find it hard to believe.  I was sure 
: that with all of us praying for her, she'd pull through.  To Andreas and 
: the families, my prayers are with you and I'm sorry for your loss.   

Prayer is a wonderful thing, and with all the prayers that Susan received her way to heaven was paved with joy and brightness. Our prayers were answered by God, maybe not the way we would have liked them to be, but they were answered. She has no more suffering, and is in the best kitchen of all.

I am very new to this group, and mostly silent, I scrolled the messages when I first started and saw all the Susan Hattie updates and wondered who this Susan was. Although I never had the opportunity to see any of her posts, I did make a point to vist the web site and read about her. All of you who had the opportunity to know her either personally or from this site you were lucky, I wish I had been on when she was active here, I would have loved to read some of her posts. I found myself signing on daily to catch up with her life, and I too was saddened to read the final chapter.

I too have experienced loss in my life, and I know that words cannot stop the hurt that the family is feeling right now. I wish I could make the hurt go away to all of you who was closer to this fine person. Yesterday a good friend of mine brother died from AIDS, and I cannot find the words for her.

Please post some of Susan's favorite recipies, maybe we can set up a memorial date where everyone on this group can cook one of the recipies in rememberance of Susan, and set a place at your table for her....what a fitting send off, of what I read about Susan I think she would smile and enjoy such a memorial. For those of you who knew her what do you think?

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