Susan Hattie Steinsapir

I was saddened to read the last update from Mimi Hiller about Susan's death. Susan was a casual friend to me, and an early supporter to during its creation back in the summer of 1994. While she was a lurker in most of the time, she played a more active role during the north american canning season. She was a canner and a pickler, always searching for the perfect refrigerator dill pickle recipe--the one that produced very crunchy pickles with a waterbath canner, and were safe to boot. Even during the last months of her

life, she made and processed pomegranate jam and syrup. She expected to enjoy the labors of her pantry.

She was quick to anger, but equally quick to forgive. I speak from personal experience; my first email from her was a flame :). She specialized in the your-grandmother-might-have-done-it,-but-you're- lucky-you're-still-alive-post in rfp, but she was also the first person to

try a great recipe, no matter its source.  

That being said, I firmly believe that not only is Susan in a better place,

but that cyberspace prepared her for it. I don't know what other rfp'ers and rfc'ers believe, but I imagine that the afterlife contains spirits and souls unfettered by the aches and pains of the body, that these spirits form communities based on former shared interests, that they "are" based on their personalities in life, and that they can communi- cate amongst each other at the speed of light (the speed limit of physics). A bit like USENET, but without the hassle of bad modems, line noise, lousy ISPs, crummy software, and crabby computer hard disks.

So give 'em hell, Susan! And now you won't even need a ISP for your web site. Just let us all know whether you've found the secret to perfect pickles.

Leslie Basel              // 

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