Susan Hattie Steinsapir

Lin Nah in Auckland has just emailed me to tell about Susan losing her battle. Lin has been snail mailing the updates as our site then the computer have been down.

I am so sad for Andreas and a little envious of you folk that were able to meet her in person. I would loved to have met her, we used to talk often via email. My husband (Maurie) has prostrate cancer and Susan was there to talk to when I was down. Susan would say "one day at a time" We have got through 1 year so far and will be looking to get through another. She used to tell what upset her most when things were bad, was the pained look in Andreas's eyes. One thing we all know she would have fought right to end because she had so much to give. I think there are a lot of us out in net land that are better people for knowing her.

Thank you, Mimi for keeping us informed,

If you see, or are talking to Andreas please give my love, and thank him for sharing Susan with us.

Take care and God bless.

Doreen Randal

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