Susan Hattie Steinsapir

 Dear Andreas,
 I did not know Susan, she did not know me. I joined rfc shortly before 
 she was hospitalized. I was able to see the wit and sensitivity and the 
 joy of life she shared. I followed your ups/downs with the transplant 
 faithfully and was deeply saddened to hear that Susan had finaly reached 
 the end of this journey.
 I would like to share with you the words to a song, sung by the 
 folksinger Holly Near. These words have gotten me through the many 
 losses I have recently faced (12 deaths in 5 years).
> They are falling all around me,
> The strongest leaves of my tree.
> Every paper bring the news that,
> The teachers of my sounds are moving on.
> Death comes and rests so heavy,
> Your face I'll never see, I'll never see you any more.
> But you're not gonna really leave me,
> It is your path that I walk,
> It is your song that I sing,
> It is your load that I take on, 
> It is your air that I breath,
> It's the record that you set that makes me go on.
> It's your strength that helps me stand
> You're not really, you're not really gonna leave me.
> I will try to sing my song right,
> Be sure to let me hear from you.

-Bernice Johnson Reagon
 Peace to you Andreas and to Susan 

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