Susan Hattie Steinsapir

Dear Andreas and group;

I sit in silence and tears. Having lost a close family member that was my lamp and inspiration, I know that no words or deeds can fully make the heart not feel wounded and lost.

There is no recipe to ease the pain, or ingrediant to lesson the load.

How long does the memory last? It lasts and lives forever. You can not stop love or alter it's existance, you can however, cherish it for what it gives and what it gave. Susan made us all stop in our lives and take a second look. How often do we get that opportunity? How often does someone care that much? What greater gift could she have given us having already given us herself?

In the Christian Bible it states that there is no greater love than for one to lay down their life for another. How well Susan and Andrea did that for all of us by allowing us the rare wonder of understanding human suffering, human compassion, and human passing. To understand how rare and wonderful life really is. To understand the lighting of a candle in the darkness and the rays that expand from it that reach across the world and touch all corners of darkness in millions of homes.

I join in others for thanking you, Susan and Andrea, for bringing your rays into our homes when we most needed it. May your rays burn even brighter now, and light up the world.

Cathy Horning

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