Susan Hattie Steinsapir

The news of Susan's death was for me a shock; as the progress reports posted here and my telephone calls with Andreas had been so full of hope.

I have known Susan for a great many years, however, the past two years have been very intense as I was a close witness to her declining health. We were old friends who also happened to live a few blocks from each other. And it was Susan and Andreas who talked me into getting "connected" to the Net. Andreas even installed my modem. An action I still don't know if I should be grateful for or not. ;-)

But I have deliberately kept my distance from this thread of supporters, preferring to deal directly over the telephone or through personal e-mail with Susan and Andreas. I was fortunate enough to have known Susan first hand. Nevertheless, I understand the love and support she most gratefully received from this group.

I had been of such a mind set that Susan would pull through the operation, that I had been planning ways for her to fill her time during her recovery from the transplant. She would have been holed up in a foreign apartment in Los Angeles until she was able to return to Sacramento. Being a voracious reader like myself, I concluded that the girl needed cookbooks. Susan loved cookbooks. She would take them to bed with her to read late into the night and early morning. Rare was the time she left my house without a few of cookbooks under her arm to take home to read.

Anne Bourget

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