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Friday, Jan. 26th, 1996  
(Andreas) 22:30 PST

A short update today: Susan continues to improve, hour by hour. She's still heavily sedated: when I say her name, talk to her, or take her hand, she opens her eyes, but they slowly close again. The little statute of Capt. Picard is above her bed: her heart surgeon recognized it and said to me "he's had two hearts, you know."

I sat there most of the day, chatting with her nurses, who are very funny people; they look at clothes catalogs, gossip, tell jokes and pass the time, watching Susan. With all the staff and technology, she's the Million Dollar Woman. I've also been re-reading Walker Percy's The Moviegoer.

Susan continues to get mail and her nurses ask me if she's on TV or what. I told them about the net and all of you. Her nurses told me to say hello to everyone.

Last night, perhaps from so much stress, I had back muscle spasms; I limped into the ICU this morning and told the nurses that I needed a bed as well. By this evening, I can walk again.

One of the nurses gave me a printout of Susan's EKG, the heartbeat line from the monitor and showed me something interesting. It shows a big jump and then several small waves. In between, there's a tiny jump that called a P-wave. Susan has two: one is her body's signal to the heart and the second is the new heart's signal. The first squiggle is the ghost of her first heart to which her new heart replies. I'll scan it and put it on the web site in a few days. .

yrs, andreas

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