Susan Hattie Steinsapir

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Tuesday, Jan. 23rd, 1996  
(Kay Hartman) 21:00 PST

Today at about 2:00 in the afternoon Jack talked to Andreas. At about 6:30 this evening I talked to Susan's sister Helen. Here's what we heard from our two conversations.

Basically, as near as Jack and I can tell, not very much has changed since yesterday. According to Helen (whose comments are easier for me to relate since I talked to her directly), Susan is still in critical but stable condition. Susan's chest is still open. They are going to look into closing it tomorrow. I told Helen that I thought Susan's chest was to be closed today. She said that Susan is just not stable enough yet to close the chest. Helen did say that the bleeding is greatly reduced. Then Helen proceded to tell me not to worry. I found this ironic. First of all, it seems that I should be telling this to her. Second of all, how can any of us not?


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