Susan Hattie Steinsapir

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Monday, Jan. 22nd, 1996 (Kay Hartman) 20: 53 PST

Andreas called this evening at about 6:30. He spoke with Jack. Since I usually do not arrive home from work until 8:00 I am working from Jack's usually sparse notes. Jack wrote a list of things from the conversation. I will report those now. I cannot embellish because I was not part of the conversation. Here is what we have.

Yesterday Susan used 5 units of blood. Her numbers are improving today however. Because her chest is still open the chance of infection is possible. They are planning to close the chest tomorrow. She currently has 32 tubes in and out of her body.

Her heart stopped yesterday. This is not an unusual situation. I am guessing at this point that this is the same heart stoppage that happened before her second surgery yesterday. I will try to find out for sure next time I talk to Andreas. I will report again if I find out that I am wrong.

Of course we are all still pulling for Susan and Andreas. I know that they are in my thoughts all day each day during this trial.


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