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1/15/96 (Mimi)

I just got a call from Susan. She's doing much better today...the dialysis is really helping. (From what Andreas had told us the other day, her body was so full of toxins, there was nothing but misery to be had.)

She's full of pluck, being her old witty was great to hear it.

She's been visited by a student rabbi who prayed with her and brought to the fore her Jewish heritage...she said it was a positive experience.

But here's why she really called me: to complain about the hospital food.

I think it's a great sign.

They feed her this crap they call food and either she can't eat it at all, or it's so bad, she can't keep it down.

They want her to eat, but if she can't stomach it...

She's not that's been a long time since she's eaten a real meal, so the appetite is small. But she is hungry and she's trying to cooperate.

Here's the deal...she wants soft/semi-soft food. Andreas brought her some eggplant parmesan, and maybe because it was fried, it didn't settle well.

She wants flavor...definitely garlic and herbs, she said. No meat, fish or fowl.

I was in bed when she called, but I was so thrilled that I could do something...anything for her, I came downstairs to cook. I'll make the food tonight and JB will drop it off at the hospital on his way to work tomorrow.

Here's what I'm making:

Hummus (lots of garlic!)

Fresh tomato bisque (I'll do my best with the tomatoes I can get at this time of year)

Kay's Aegean salad

I made some rolls today, and will include a couple in the care package. (I used challah dough and made knots...they were delicious.)

I'll post the recipes in a separate message.

Assuming that she'll be up to eating more these days, does anyone have any suggestions that fit in her criteria?

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