Susan Hattie Steinsapir

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1/8/96 (Bill Kim)

It's 10:45PM PST and a donor heart has just become available. It is being tested at this moment for diseases, blood type, etc.. At 3AM a decision will be made whether Susan gets the heart or not. She's terrified and crying, thankfully Andreas will be there all night to support her.

I will post updates as Andreas phones in.

Let's pray for a successful transplant for Susan.

Hang in there, Susan.

1/8/96 (Bill Kim)

It's 11:40PM PST and Andreas just called to say that the doctors decided to pass on this heart for several yet unspecified reasons. Susan is understandably exhausted from all this excitement, but is resting now. She says not to worry about her as she intends to outlast us all :-)

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