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This web page is dedicated to the memory of Susan Hattie Steinsapir.The Fairy Web's Butterfly Award

We are very sad to report that the battle is over. Susan is in a better place now, but before she died, she was constantly amazed at the outpouring of love and support she received from this world-wide Internet community. During my last visit with her, the rabbi came in to wish her well over the weekend. After she left, Susan told me how much her relationship with the rabbi had come to mean to her. When I asked what she meant, she looked me straight in the eyes and said, "I'm not afraid anymore."

All in all, Susan was most grateful to have been allowed to be the instrument to heighten public awareness about organ donation. When told that lots of cards and gifts were coming, she said, "Skip the cards. Get them to send me photocopies of their donor cards!"

Susan, we miss you already. We'll miss your charm and wit, your giving nature. You have touched us deeply, and none of us will ever be the same for having known you.

Farewell, sweet friend.  

There will be several purposes for this site:

1) To disseminate information about organ transplantation.

2) Though Susan is gone, we will keep this page as a tribute to her courage.

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If you don't know her, here is briefly what happened. Susan was a beautiful young woman who suffered heart damage due to a prior illness. (Read about this in the January 25, 1996 update. You may also want to refer to this diagram of a heart offered by Linda Charyk.) The damage was irreparable, the only hope being a heart transplant. Just before the first of the year, Susan experienced a major setback and spent more than a week at the Kaiser facility in Sacramento before being transferred to the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. Here she received the best care in the world.

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Dwight Silverman wrote a wonderful article in the Houston Chronicle (1/30/96) as a touching memorial to Susan's role in bringing her plight to the world.

Steve Gibson wrote A WEB OF FRIENDS LEARNS OF HER DEATH for the Sacramento Bee, Susan's home town paper.

Susan's Obituary appeared in the Sacramento Bee, Tuesday, Janaury 30, 1996.

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On 1/11/96, Andreas took some pictures of Susan, one in her hospital bed, and another with Libby, the hospital's cocker spaniel. Check them out. (And read about Libby in Andreas' 1/11/96 update.)

Want to check out Susan's recipes? You get a bonus of seeing her cats, too.

Two of Susan's cats have their own newsgroups. Say hello to Willie in alt.willie.the.cat and Dash in alt.dash.

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During her illness, many of you sent your get well wishes and messages of support to Susan and Andreas. As of today, this list is closed to new messages, but please take the time to read what others have said in the

Please leave a public memorial message for Susan and Andreas in
Tributes and Memorials. (Copies of all messages will go directly to Andreas.)

Read what the others said.

Leave a private message to Andreas.

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Here is the final update:

Monday, Jan. 29th, 1996

(Susan & Andreas) 10:00 PST

Dear Everyone,

I send this from Susan's e-mail. It's Monday, the 29th of January, 1996. This morning, the neurologists examined Susan. They found no evidence of neurological function. Her brain has died.

Susan has died. My parents arrive soon, her brother Stephen as well. Her brother Kenneth, her sister Ellen, her mother Janet, and my friend Bill and Kelly are here.

I placed her emerald wedding ring on her hand, kissed her, xand washed her face. We'll remove the tubes from her mouth and wash her face. Then we'll turn off the machines.

She loved everyone on rec.food.cooking, the transplant list, the cookiejar. She enjoyed so much using the net to talk with her friends around the world. She wanted me to say goodbye for her to all of you.

She is dying without pain. She looks so lovely.

Please find the person you love and kiss them and let them know how much you love them and appreciate them. Someday, you'll miss them so much. And your cats, and, well, dogs too.

Goodbye from Susan, Andreas, and the cats: Willie, Dash, Theia, Sephy, and Orion.

--- Andreas

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The Gift of Life for Susan!

Thursday, January 25, 1996 15:00 PST

I just talked to Andreas. There had been some question about all the blood that Susan received when they hadn't expected her to need any...6 pints total.

Susan Aitel had asked if there was a need to donate blood to replace what she got. Andreas said the answer is yes.

If you have wanted to do something and haven't figured out what that is...if you live far away, across the pond even...if you've wished you could be here to cook for Susan but it hasn't worked out...here's what you need to do:

Go to any branch of the Red Cross or a hospital near you and tell them you want to donate a pint to be credited to Susan Hattie Steinsapir. You don't have to be any special blood type, but you can't have had any kind of body piercing or tattooing in the last 'x' months (I think that's 6 but it might be more), and you should be healthy.

Those bloodsuckers will have you flat on your back faster than you can say "Dracula!"...they'll whisper sweet nothings in your ear (like, "Don't forget to breathe")...and when it's all done, they'll give you orange juice and doughnuts for which you'll have to demand the recipes...then hold your breath. You probably won't get the recipe, but they'll give you another doughnut.

Best of all, you'll leave knowing how many people your blood will help. It used to be the saying, one pint, one recipient. Now they divide up much of the blood donations...sometimes they only need plasma, other times, other parts.

Oh, and make them give you a Red Cross pin, which you'll wear with pride knowing you've saved a life.

- Mimi

Monday, January 29, 1996

I want to remind everyone that even though Susan is no longer with us, the need for blood and organ donation goes on. Susan received a lot of blood in the last couple days, much more than was ever anticipated. This blood should be replaced. I realize that the weather in many parts of the globe isn't ideal, but if you can get out to your local Red Cross or hospital, please donate a pint in her name. Also, one more reminder to sign your organ donor cards and make sure your loved ones are aware of your desire to be a donor. This would be the greatest tribute you could make to Susan.

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